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Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment and the right advice and guidance are paramount. It's a decision that requires careful consideration and expertise to navigate the complex real estate market successfully. Working with an experienced real estate advisor is crucial.

The Bartlett, Minor, and Keiffer Group are keenly aware of the nuances that determine value when representing buyers. Together, they bring a unique understanding of land value, construction quality, materials, and craftsmanship for each home they advise on. Together they have a deep understanding of local market dynamics, and neighborhood nuances, and are tied into a vast network of off-market opportunities. They specialize in listening to each buyer’s individual needs and ensuring all parties are informed in the buying process. 

Through a wide network of leading professionals, BMK Group connects its clients with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and attorneys to facilitate smooth and informed home-buying experiences. Contact us today to learn more! – include a button to get started

Should I buy a home in Northern Nevada?

Northern Nevada captivates all with its stunning natural beauty, encompassing the Sierra Nevada mountains, picturesque Lake Tahoe, and the vast Great Basin. The region's vibrant culture, outdoor recreation opportunities, thriving economy, and welcoming communities make it a special place to live, work, and explore. Plus! ● Low Property Taxes ● No Personal Income Tax ● No Corporate Income Tax ● No Gross Receipts Tax ● No Franchise Tax ● No Inventory Tax ● No Tax on the Issuance of Corporate Shares ● No Tax on the Sale or Transfer of Shares ● No Sharing of Information With IRS ● Simple Annual Business Requirements ● Business-friendly Environment ● High - value Investments

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